Downtown Tokyo

I was born and brought up in Sumiyoshi.  I live in the next area, Sarue and work here now.

I really would like you to know about the areas Sarue and Sumiyoshi in Tokyo.

The Onagi river, canal


you should watch the river, a canal.

This was built in the beginning of edo era, in order to deliver some salt from Gyotoku city, Chiba prefecture safely and easily, people built the canal.

The south part of Sarue Onshi Park

In the area, we enjoy the beautiful Japanese-styed garden.  It has a big pond and many kinds of living things, tadpoles, crawfish, dabbling ducks, live there. 

The garden has a remarkable sight in any season.  We  enjoy viewing the bloomed cherry blossoms in spring and the beautiful autumn leaves in fall.  Also, a boggy field a hill, a river, some resting sites are in the park.  

In any season, we can have a picnic in the garden with our lunch box.  

You can get to the park in a-minute walk from my place.

A Map "Sumiyoshi Relay"

What’s interesting is that every street in Sumiyoshi is straight, but there is a sad reason.  I hear they were designed after the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923, which occurred at lunchtime on Sep 1, when many people were cooking meals over fire.  Many large fires broke out in the area and killed more than 100000 people.  As a result, they changed the complicated streets to these straight ones.

I really recommend this Japanese Restaurant.

I went to Motomiya (It mainly serves row fish Tsuna) yesterday. The meals are very fresh and nice!  You can enjoy some kinds of the nicest typical Japanese foods here.  However, there are only Japanese words, so I am sure that you need some preparation in Japanese when you try this restaurant.

If you visit here, you had better go before 12 pm.

I couldn't get into last time when I visited here, there had already been many people and no seats available.

This is the view from my area.
Sky tree is very beautiful.  It is really close to my place.  You can enjoy many kinds of lights of Sky Tree at night here.

This is the way to eat some of instant noodles.  One of my students wrote the explanations.  I am happy to see some guests try them.

Karaage no George

Karaage means friend chicken.  The chiken they made is really jucy, soft, and nice.

Sarue Shrine

  A shrine is a holy place and it is dedicated to a specific deity, ancestor, hero and so on.  People in Japan come and pray for them on some special days such as a new year day.

  Sarue Shrine was founded during the Heian Period, which is from 794 to 1192.  A vassal of Minamoto no Yoriyoshi, one of famous Shogun, died near a small bay whose name is Sarue now.    

The vassal's name is Saru no Tota, and a small bay is said "irie" in Japanese. 

This shrine was named after Saru no Tota and "e"  which stands for irie.

  Sarue Shrine  is also said that it is one of oldest shrines made of reinforced concrete in Japan.

This is Nikusoba Keisuke.

Niku means meat.

Soba means noodle.

This is one the nicest noodles  in Tokyo, Japan.

This tastes soy source, and many tasted pork are on it.

You can try and enjoy this near Sumiyoshi Station.

Two Nests of Swallows

Can you see two nests?

They are near the ceiling, and some swallows are living in them.

To tell you the truth, I have seen the sight since I was a kid.

I see them between spring and summer.

But it is my first time to see two!

Have they already been built since a few years ago?

Anyway, I am looking for something exciting in Sumiyoshi.

Is this fun for you?  Is it normal in your city?


This is one of the nicest stores in Tokyo, I think.

They mainly sell Japanese sweets, Wagashi. Dorayaki, two small pancakes with bean Jam is the nicest one.  You can try more than 10 kinds of Dorayaki here.

What a Nice View!